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Stories and Secrets
The Summer Solstice
Middle School--This is a story of the day that I went into my sister's room and looked in her drawers, and the punishment that I received when she found out about it.
The Boy Next Door
Middle School--My sister and I decided to give a going-away present to the boy next door.
Camping with My Sister
High School--When you're alone in the woods, you have to think of ways to keep warm and entertained.
The Slumber Party
Middle Schoool--I found out what girls do behind closed doors. 
The Summer Solstice

Life was good when I was a child.  School had finished a few weeks ago, and summer vacation had just begun.  It was a nice sunny day that seemed to last forever.  No wonder, It was the first day of summer, and it was still light outside.  My parents and older sister were at our neighbor's house.  We had just had a barbecue, and the adults were now talking and telling jokes.  I left and went back to our house.

I went upstairs into my room at the end of the hallway.  My room was on the left, and my sister's room was on the right.  As I was about to go in my room, I noticed that my sister's room was slightly open.  This was strange because she always kept it closed--and locked!  I peeked in.  The room was dark.  There was a faint scent of jasmine in the air.  I opened the curtains a little to get more light.  I started to look through her belongings.

My sister is a few years older than me, and has developed in ways that I can only imagine.  When I looked through her underwear drawer, I was curious about the bras that I saw.  In the back of the drawer, she had some pretty black and red bras.  I found one that looked like it might fit me.

They looked so inviting.  She also had some fancy panties in the back of the drawer.  I grabbed a black bra and panties.  I held them to my face and rubbed them on my cheek--they were so smooth.  They also had a faint perfume scent.  They were so feminine--so inviting.  I took off my shirt, shorts, and underwear and stood naked by the mirror.  When I looked at myself, I wondered what it would be like to be feminine and sexy like my sister.  I put on the bra and panties.  The high cut of the panties made my legs look long and slender with more definition to my hips; the bra made me look less boyish and more feminine.  I've never thought of this side of my sexuality.  It was new and exciting.  I wonder if this is what my sister sees when she gets dressed.  I felt jealous and excited.

As I looked in the mirror brushing my hair, I thought that I actually looked attractive.  I looked at my long, tan legs and my smooth slender body.  Yes, I was attractive, and I liked looking this way.

All of a sudden, I heard the bedroom door close and lock behind me.  As I turned around, I saw my sister standing next to my pile of clothes.  "What do you think you're doing?" she asked as she walked toward me.  Before I could answer, she pushed me onto the bed and jumped on top of me.  As I was lying there, she had my arms pinned down with her knees.  Her face was right above mine.  Her long, curly brown hair framed her face as looked into my eyes.

"I'm going to have to teach you a lesson about snooping into other people's things." She then reached down along the floor and pulled up some long socks.  She tied each of my hands to the bedposts.  She grabbed a nearby belt and strapped it around my ankles.  My sister had caught me wearing her bra and panties, and now I was tied to her bed.  I couldn't move.  She crawled over to my side and whispered in my ear, "You will be my sacrifice for the summer solstice."

The sun was just starting to set.  My sister closed the curtains, and the room got dark.  I heard her go into her closet.  I couldn't see exactly what she was doing.  After a minute, she lit four candles and placed them at each corner of the room.  In the candle light, I could see my sister standing at the foot of the bed.  She was wearing only a black satin robe.  The robe was tied to her waist.  Under the robe, I could make out the shape of her young, firm breasts.  She untied my legs and spread them to the corners of the bed.  She started to crawl toward me.  She stopped at my waist and said, "Blessed be, your strength is mine and mine is yours."  With that, she kissed me on my belly.  She continued crawling until she was right above my face.

She quickly kissed me on my lips and recited, "I consecrate you with these kisses in the divine name of the Goddess."  With that, she slowly kissed me on my lips again.  She lifted up the bra that I was wearing and slowly kissed me on my right nipple, my left nipple, and on my belly.  As she kissed me, I could feel her hair brush along my skin.  It made me tingle all over.  My heart started to beat faster as she moved her head down along my body.  She kissed me on the inside of my right knee then my left knee.  She continued to move upward.  She kissed the inside of my left thigh then my right thigh.  I saw her look up at me.  She smiled and without warning quickly pulled down the panties that I was wearing and kissed my private area.  She lingered there as she kissed me and explored me.  My back arched with pleasure.

My sister rose up, still kneeling.  She licked her lips and smiled.  "Oh blessed earth mother," she said, "accept this offering."  She untied her robe and took it off.  I could see her firm breasts dancing in the candle light.  She started to kiss me again, starting with my knees.  She moved upward to my face.  I could feel her nipples against my chest.  They tickled me as they moved along my body.  She looked into my eyes and spoke, "This solstice ritual I do perform in honor of thee, oh great Goddess."  With that, she kissed me.  She slowly explored the inside of my mouth with her rhythmic tongue.  She tasted so sweet.  We continued to kiss and explore each other.

After several minutes, she freed my hands.  We rose up on our knees and she continued to kiss and gently rub me.  She pulled away and sat next to me.  She took my hand and used it to rub herself across her breasts then down her belly.  She then let go, and I continued.  I explored every part of her as she sat there with a smile on her face.

Later we embraced each other and bonded in a way that I never felt before.  After this, we became much closer and shared our most intimate  of secrets.  I'll never forget that magical evening.  Thanks to my sister, I'll have other stories to tell you later.

P.S.  She even let me keep the bra and panties.
The Boy Next Door

Spring was in the air!  It was a nice, sunny Easter Sunday; my sister and I wanted to play outside, and my parents wanted to go to church that morning.  My older sister played the "I'm old enough to make my own decisions and responsible enough to be left alone" routine.  Since my parents wanted some time to themselves also, they let her stay--with me.  "We'll be back in a few hours," they said as they drove away.

My sister and I went outside to play.  We went into the garage to find something to play with.  We began playing with our toys as we searched the garage.  "Let's make a club-house," my sister said.  "We can make it here in the garage."

We cleared a corner of the garage and made a little fort out of some boards and sheets.  We used some of the patio furniture for seats and a table.  I went inside the house and brought out some soda and cookies.  My sister brought back a bag of clothes and some magazines.  "Let's play dress-up," my sister said.  She opened the bag of clothes and dumped some old thrift-shop clothes.  She took off her clothes in front of me and put on a long, flowing dress.  "Here, try this," she said as she handed me one of her old Easter dresses.  She smiled as I turned around to get dressed.  As I stood there naked, she gave me some stockings to put on.  I put on the stockings and the dress.  My sister had put on some stockings and had some shoes on too.  She handed me a pair, and I put them on.  "The outfit's not complete without the Easter bonnet,” she said as she gave me the hat.  I put on the hat and we both paraded around the club-house.

"Have you ever seen these magazines?" my sister asked.  "I found them in dad's closet," she said as she opened the second bag that she had.  I looked at the pictures in the magazines.  I had never seen anything like it before; naked women and naked men...together, having sex.  I knew about sex but didn't understand it like I do today.  I was fascinated by these pictures, and my heart was beating faster.  "Hey, slow down kiddo," my sister said.  I looked up, and before I realized what she wanted, my older sister grabbed my chin and put some lipstick on my lips.  She looked at me with a smile and said, "Hey cutie, let's take a break before you explode."

We put the magazines down and went into the backyard.  The neighborhood was quiet because everyone was at church.  My sister put her arm around me and said, "You looked like you were really interested in those magazines."  I felt a little embarrassed because I was looking at the pictures and totally forgot that she was watching me.  We walked to the side of the yard next to some low bushes that separated the yards.  The house next door was for sale.  We talked about how cool it would be to use that house as a club-house once that family moved out.  As we were talking, the boy that lived in the house came outside.

"Hey handsome!" my sister yelled out as she ducked behind the bushes.  My face turned red as the neighbor boy saw only me (all dressed up).  I didn't really know him, but he was older than me but younger than my sister.  He looked at me, smiled, and started to talk toward me.  What do I do?  What do I say?  He stood on the other side of the bushes and said, "Hello."  After an awkward silence, my sister finally stood up.  "Hey, do you want to be in our club?" asked my sister.  He said that he would but since his family was moving, he didn't think that he could stay too long.  "That's OK," said my sister, "we're just playing for today."

The three of us went back into the club-house in the garage.  "Come on let's play dress-up," my sister told him.  He looked at the clothes and hesitated.  "Here, let me help you," my sister said as she unbuckled his belt.  He stood there kind of in shock for a second.  As he stood there, my sister pulled off his shirt and pulled down his pants.  He stood there in his underwear and his pants around his ankles.  He smiled at my sister as I just stood there watching.  She took off her bonnet and asked him, "So, you're leaving soon?"  He shook his head yes.  My sister then said, "Maybe I can give you something to remember me by."  My sister puckered up as though she was going to kiss him.  Just as she reached his lips she bent down and pulled down his underwear.  He stood there naked looking at my sister as she was kneeling in front of him.  She looked up him and kissed his penis.

He stood there and smiled.  Again and again my sister kissed him there, but each time she kissed him slower and slower.  She grabbed his penis with her hand and began to lick his shaft from top to bottom.  Slowly, she opened her mouth and sucked on it like a Popsicle.  In and out it went, and it grew and became more erect.  Several times he let out moans of pleasure.

The boy started to get weak and had to sit down.  With that, my sister grabbed me by my arm and pulled me over.  She took off my hat and said, "OK, now you try it."  I hesitated, I never thought about boys in this way before.  "Don't think about it; just enjoy it," she said as she forced me on him.  My sister and I were face to face looking at his penis.  She grabbed my hand and placed it on his shaft.  Slowly, I kissed him.  I kissed him again just like my sister did.  Finally, I had his penis in my mouth.  In and out it went.  It wasn't so bad; actually I started to like it.  I tried to see how much of him I could swallow each time he went in.  In just a few strokes, I had him in my mouth.  I could feel the pleasure that he felt.  This feeling of power--being able to satisfy someone--was great.  Deeper, harder, and faster I went until the boy burst out in orgasm.

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The Slumber Party

My sister and I were quite close.  But since I was four years younger, I didn't hang out with my sister's friends.  My sister just started at the high school while I was in the middle school.  One Friday night, my sister had a slumber party.  I asked her if I could come too.  She looked at me for a while before she finally said, "OK, but don't act like such a child."

That Friday, I was watching TV when my sister's friends started arriving.  They were all fully developed, just like my sister.  I felt like such a child compared to them.  My body was just starting to go through changes, and I felt awkward to be around them.  I decided not to interfere with my sister's party but just sneak a peek and watch them.

At first they ate and told stories in their night gowns and robes.  I just went back and watched TV.  An hour later when it was dark, I peeked into my sister's room to see what they were doing.  The room was dark.  Where did they go?  I opened the door and looked in.  Nothing!  "Hello, anyone home?"  I started to leave when someone grabbed me.  I fell on the bed.  The lights came on and everyone was circled around me.

"I think we have a spy," my sister said.  "What should we do?"

Another girl said, "Maybe we should give the spy something to look at."  They all agreed, and one of them stood over me.  Under her night gown, I could see that she wasn't wearing any underwear.  She knelt down towards my face.  "What do you see?"  She said as she sat on my belly and removed her top.  She rubbed her breasts and looked at me.  The other girls laughed and giggled.  She lowered herself and rubbed her breasts on my face.  They were so soft.  I kissed them as she put each one in front of me.  The other girls removed their clothes too.

As the girl was sitting on top of me, I could feel hands running up and down my legs.  Then someone unbuttoned my pants and took them off.  They pulled down my underwear and started to rub me.  As they did, I kissed the girl who was on top of me.  As we were kissing, she let me rub her private areas.  I rubbed her with my fingers.  She was starting to get wet.  I was able to insert my fingers into her.  As I explored her, she started to moan.

As she moaned and squirmed, I could feel someone's mouth on my private area.  It felt so good--warm and wet.  I never felt this excited before.  My whole body shook in pleasure.  I let out a loud moan just as the girl on top of me did the same.  She grabbed me and gave me long, deep kisses.  We lay naked together on top of the bed.  Some of the other girls started making out with each other.

The girl on top of me turned around so that she could put her head between my legs.  I had my face between her legs.  We continued to orally explore each other.  Sometimes one of us would stop because of the intense pleasure.

We soon joined the others on the floor.  We all continued touching and kissing each other until we woke up in the morning.  I hope to see them all again one day.

Camping with My Sister

One of the advantages to growing up in the suburbs is a large back yard.  My sister and I would build forts, stage plays, and camp in the backyard.  We had a four-person tent, which was enough room for the two of us with our supplies--magazines, radio, flashlight, etc.  As soon as it got dark, we made our way to the tent for the night.

The first thing we did was to zip our sleeping bags together and make one big sleeping bag.  For the first hour or so, we listened to music, read magazines, and just talked about what was happening that summer.  My sister suggested that we play a card game--strip poker.
Shopping Trip Part 1
High School--Fun in the dressing room.
Shopping Trip Part 2
High School--More fun in the dressing room.
Stalking My Young Prey
High School--Fun with  college students.
My Shopping Trip--Part 1

When I was sixteen, I would always beg my sister to take me to the mall.  One day, she picked dropped me off at the mall early on Saturday morning.  She told me that she would pick me up in an hour.

The mall was still empty.  I went into one of the larger retail stores and browsed through the women's clothing.  An attractive sales woman asked me what I was looking for.  "Oh, just some clothes for my sister," I told her.  After describing my sister--as about my height and weight--she told me that the store just received some new clothes.  She directed me to the dressing room.  She pointed to some boxes along the wall and asked me if I wanted to see what was in them.

From the first box, she pulled out a black mini dress.  She held it up against her as asked me what I thought about it.  "It makes you look hot," I told her.  She thanked me and pulled out another dress.  She held up a red sun dress and looked at me.  She held it up against me and said, "This one will really show off your chest."  As she held up the dress she lightly stroked my chest.  "Would you like to try it on?" she asked.  I told her that I would, and she led me into one of the dressing rooms.  I took off my clothes and put on the dress.  As I looked in the mirror, I noticed that she was right.  The dress had a way of enhancing my chest.

I stepped out and asked her what she thought.  She walked around me as she looked me over.  "It makes you look so attractive," she said.  She took her hands and rubbed my breasts and said, "How does this feel on you?"  I told her that it made me feel attractive.  She lowered her hand and put them on my hips.  She pulled me closer and rubbed by butt.  "How does it feel back there?" she asked.  Before I could answer, she gave me a long, deep kiss.  I put my arms around her and kissed her also.

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Stories and Secrets
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